Friday, May 22, 2015

Obama's lies about Palestine

A Moroccan TV station refers to the "war of aggression on Yemen": the anchorwoman was fired

were carried in trucks accompanied by state intelligence agency (MIT) officials more than a year ago to parts of Syria under Islamist control

"Testimony from gendarmerie officers in court documents reviewed by Reuters allege that rocket parts, ammunition and semi-finished mortar shells were carried in trucks accompanied by state intelligence agency (MIT) officials more than a year ago to parts of Syria under Islamist control." "The document also cites truck driver Lutfi Karakaya as saying he had twice carried the same shipment and delivered it to a field around 200 meters beyond a military outpost in Reyhanli, a stone's throw from Syria. The court order for Karakaya's arrest, seen by Reuters, cited a police investigation which said that the weapons parts seized that day were destined for "a camp used by the al Qaeda terrorist organization on the Syrian border"."

So what do the "Friends of Syria" really want? From a US intelligence document (under FOIA)

C. If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, [Document 14-L-0552/DIA/291]

U.S. to send more bombs to Israel to be dropped on Palestinian people

"Israel will receive a supply of precision-guided munitions consisting of 750 bunker buster bombs, 3,000 Hellfire missiles, 250 medium-range air-to-air missiles and 4,100 glide bombs, in a deal worth $1.879 billion. In addition, the package includes 14,500 missile guidance systems — known as tail kits for Joint Direct Attack Munitions — which convert unguided bombs into GPS guided missiles." (thanks Amir)

British colonial rule still is alive in the Gulf today

"The move is part of a modest expansion of British military readiness in the region. In 2013 the Royal Air Force established an air transport and refuelling hub in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the United States' Fifth Fleet, Bahrain is a strategic bulwark for Western interest in the energy-rich Gulf." "The case shows how alive the history of British colonial rule still is in the Gulf today," she added. Britain first signed a treaty with the Sunni Muslim Al Khalifa family in Bahrain in 1820 and their relationship has remained strong for decades after the end of its protectorate."

Saudis on twitter

Whether in the puff Economist piece on Saudi Arabia or in other Western media outlets, there is a silly assumptions that Saudi tweets are reflective of Saudi public opinion. Don't they know that tweets that disapprove of the government, even mildly, can cause a person to go to jail or be whipped or even be killed?

From Latakia

This Syrian reader from Latakia sent me this touching tribute.

So what does the Saudi dictatorship have to do to please the Economist magazine?

"For King Salman and his heirs to make Saudi Arabia a credible leader they must reform its economy."  So repression and violence don't bother the Economist.

The Economist puff piece on Saudi Arabia

"Even the most downtrodden, such as the suppressed minority Shia in the east or the activists locked up simply for calling for reform, think they are better off than they would be in Syria or Libya." As someone who communicates regularly with Saudi dissidents, in Qatif and elsewhere, I can tell you categorically that I have not ever encountered more bitter antipathy to House of Saudi than among the people of the Eastern province.

Saudi budgeting

Saudi sectarian hashtag

Regarding the bombing of the mosque in Saudi Arabia, a sectarian hashtag spreads to describe the bombing:

This Wahhabi clerical elite met and supported the wars of Saudi regime

The Daily Beast educates readers about Muslims

"Aren’t Muslims supposed to kill gays?"

The Bin Laden books and documents

Shouldn't all reports about the Bin Laden books and documents carry a disclaimer to the effect that: "all those documents and books have been released and approved by the US government, and it is possible that other documents that may be damaging to the US government have been suppressed"?

Palestine flag over the fortress of Sidon

I am relocating to Saudi Arabia

"The government guarantees freedom of expression and opposes discrimination, said Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman on Wednesday."

Arab politics in few American words

"CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST:  In the Arab world, there`s Sunni and there`s Shia, you know, and there`s Kurds, I guess. And that`s it.  And so who`s fighting now who? The only people that will take on the Sunni ISIS crowd are the Shia, who hate the Sunni. " (thanks Basim)

The Judicial Watch documents of US intelligence on Libya: how the US knew about the shipments of arms to Syrian Al-Qa`idah

Comrade Amer writes about the Judicial Watch US intelligence documents revealing that the US knew all along that the Syrian rebels are made of Islamists (this is from 2012): that is when the US government publicly talked about the dominance of "moderate Syrian rebels". The US seems to have approved arms shipments from Libyan Islamist terrorists to the Syrian Islamist terrorists, and even of the likely rise of Islamist Jihadi threat in Iraq.  See this document in English.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

There is no worse conspiracy

From Fred: "Is there a potato conspiracy in Turkey?"

The resolution would enshrine the Zionist and segregationist principle of “two states for two peoples

"France’s Le Figaro has obtained the text of a draft UN Security Council resolution that the Hollande administration plans to introduce sometime before September. The resolution should be seen as the international counterpart to France’s increasingly fierce crackdown on Palestine solidarity at home under the guise of fighting anti-Semitism. The resolution would enshrine the Zionist and segregationist principle of “two states for two peoples.”

"Nobel laureate's silence on the genocide of Rohingyas is tantamount to complicity"

"In a genocide silence is complicity, and so it is with Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s desperate Rohingya community. The Burmese government’s ongoing persecution of the Rohingya has, in the last two years, reached a level so untenable that the Rohingya are faced with only two options, to remain and risk annihilation or flee. The current exodus of those seeking asylum is just one manifestation of genocide." "She once held enormous moral and political capital and had the chance to challenge the vile racism and Islamophobia which characterises Burmese political and social discourse. Many Burmese human rights activists and their followers would have listened, may have learned, and may have begun to question the institutionalised racism which impacts negatively on all Burmese. This was never to be on Aung San Suu Kyi’s political agenda."

The interview with Obama in the Atlantic

Basically, Obama added another contribution to the revised definition of anti-Semitism: anyone who does not agree to the Zionist occupation of Palestine is an anti-Semite--according to Obama.

Flash: this is the first public threat that the US has ever issued to Saudi regime

"Their covert—presumably—pursuit of a nuclear program would greatly strain the relationship they’ve got with the United States."

U.S. lawmakers give support to Saudi Arabia to show their love of human rights

From Amir: ""A growing chorus of Republican politicians are demanding that President Barack Obama respect and follow the agenda of Saudi Arabia, a country known for its export of Sunni extremist beliefs, brutal executions of petty criminals and religious heretics, and suppression of women’s rights."

"Saudi Arabia is advertising for eight new executioners, recruiting extra staff to carry out an increasing number of death sentences, usually done by public beheading."

Syrian "revolution"

Several rebel groups demonstrate in Aleppo and demand an Islamic state.  Do people remember when various Western correspondents in Beirut (and Zionists in DC) were reassuring the world that the rebel groups are intent on forming a secular republic in Syria?

Anne Barnard is worried. The question, Anne: are there no "wrong hands" in Syria at all?

Another scoop by the Daily Telegraph team

Carol Malouf (@carolmalouf) tweeted at 11:48 am on Thu, May 21, 2015:
Unconfirmed reports: 27 Lebanese out of which 5 Christian political prisoners were released from #Palmyra prison by #ISIS after 35 years

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Arab Gramsci? Not quite

I am glad that Vijay wrote about a man who mostly wrote in Arabic (he has a few articles in French).  Mahdi `Amil was highly influential among Arab Marxist-Leninists during his lifetime and after.  He was killed by Islamist terrorists when Sunni and Shi`ite Islamist terrorist in Lebanon were targeting communists.  But `Amil was no Gramsci: he was quite mechanical in his adherence to Marxism-Leninism and did not really try or succeed in formulating Marxist theories to apply to the Lebanese situation. If anything, he was quite rigid in his Leninis and defined sectarianism in Lebanon as follows: "The toiling classes are, in the field of class struggle, practicing this struggle as sects" (see his article in the journal, Tariq, December 1978). 

PS Additionally, the genius of Gramsci is that he went beyond the analysis that is steeped in the rigid Marxist-Leninist dichotomy of the super-structure and the infra-structure, while `Amil was a mere applier of this rigid mechanical application of Marxist-Leninism.

Obama and secuirty assurances to Gulf regimes

"The irony is that it ought to be the other way round. Given the spread of jihadist activity in the region and beyond, Obama should (but probably won’t) be asking the emirs and their stand-ins for more evidence of a commitment to other countries’ security. It’s all very well to thank them for resisting ISIS and supporting counterterrorism efforts at an international level by sharing intelligence, but in the current situation that is simply not enough. It’s time to start reversing the damage they have caused in the minds of many Muslims.

They should stop promoting sectarian politics and consider how their actions legitimise religious intolerance: the laws that prescribe punishment for apostasy, blasphemy and other kinds of nonconformity, the policies that treat the followers of different faiths (and even different branches of Islam) as inferior beings – in fact, anything that leads people to think it’s right to impose religion by force. Obama should tell them that until they take such a stand, no matter how many bombs they drop, there is virtually no hope of putting an end to jihadist violence.

But don’t hold your breath. It’s far more likely the Americans will send them home with assurances about Iran and arms deals in their pockets. “The Obama administration,” an article for Foreign Policy says, “is preparing to assuage scepticism toward the potential nuclear agreement with Iran by focusing on new security arrangements and billions of dollars in weapons that the United States may offer to sell to the Gulf states”.

US press blacks out Israeli defense minister’s citation of ‘Nagasaki and Hiroshima’ as model for dealing with Iran

"But there has been no coverage of this story in the mainstream media. It’s a blackout, conscious or not."

Yesterday, I was reading the New York Times article about Iraq and they cited an expert from an organization. I said: look it up

Here is the independent organization that was cited by NYT for opinion on Iraq.

Wait: I thought that the sole mission of Abraham Foxman is to fight defamation

"Abraham H. Foxman, departing director of the Anti-Defamation League, said he thought the “you are an angel” reports “came as a bolt of lightning to the Jewish community, given the admiration and expectations world Jewry has for this pope.”

Mr. Foxman, who is currently visiting Israel, said his organization had “reached out to the Vatican,” without elaborating."  So the word angel was considered defamatory of the Jewish people because it was applied to a Palestinian?

Why the West loves the Tunisian president

"as his government prepares for a costly structural overhaul of the economy to free it from stultifying state control"

This is how the New York Times defends the Tunisian henchman of Bourquiba and Bin Ali

"but he retired in 1991, before the worst excesses of Mr. Ben Ali’s corrupt and increasingly authoritarian tenure." Yes, before 1991, Tunisia was a democracy and free of corruption. This is journalism?  But look at the author of the article? She is the same correspondent who declared the last election of Hamid Karzai as honest and free of fraud. Kid you not.

Netanyahu described Rabbi Levinger as “an outstanding example of a generation that sought to realize the Zionist dream, in deed and in spirit

A true Zionist indeed: "The Israeli authorities arrested Rabbi Levinger many times. In September 1988, after Palestinians threw stones at his car in Hebron, he opened fire, shooting randomly toward shops and killing a Palestinian shopkeeper. In a plea bargain, Rabbi Levinger was convicted of death by negligence. He served three months of a five-month prison sentence."

Saudi spending habits

"Moreover, its economic health is predicated on crude prices staying high. Saudi’s break-even — the oil price required to balance the budget in any given year — has been rising fast, from $68 a barrel in 2012 to between $95 and $106 this year, according to a report by Khalid Alsweilem of the Belfer Center. With oil now trading far below that level, the budgetary implications for Riyadh are worrying."

Al-Qaeda's allies

"The message that Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United States are unwilling to digest is that the conflict in Syria, as in Yemen, advantages al-Qaeda and ISIS. That is the cold-hearted reality."

Britain refuses to release document detailing its complicity in al-Khalifa dictatorship's war crimes against Bahraini civilians

"In a ruling that disappointed campaigners, an information tribunal has ruled that there should be only a partial disclosure of the contents of the cable from 1977, detailing conversations between British officials and Ian Henderson, a British military officer who ran the police in the Gulf state for 30 years and was dubbed the “Butcher of Bahrain”. Henderson, who died two years ago, was given the nickname after allegations that he was complicit in the ransacking of villages and the sexual abuse and maiming of Shia prisoners. He became head of security in Bahrain in 1966, when the country was still a British protectorate. He had previously helped suppress the Mau Mau insurgency in Kenya." (thanks Amir)

Protecting Jewish women from dangerous Arab men

"Palestinians banned from Israeli buses in West Bank to protect the honor of Jewish women."

Parental leave per child

This is how the New York Times reports about the racist bus segregation plan in the West Bank

So when Israel adopted this racist segregation plan, the New York Times didn't report it. But it reports only when it is cancelled and only for PR reasons: "Israel Cancels Project Barring Palestinians From Some Buses". So the story becomes not the racist apartheid segregation plan but the cancellation due to PR consideration.

The Hariri Kangaroo court in the Haigue

Of course, no one ever takes the silly US-Israeli Hariri international court in the Hague seriously, and the Western media re wise in ignoring it. But just this sample about the proceeding of the court and the comatose defense teams there. John Abdu (one of the closest advisers to Rafiq Hariri) said in a TV interview months ago: that we need to admit that Rafiq Hariri was involved in the formulation of UNSC 1559 and that he was jubilant when it was passed.  He added: anyone who says otherwise is a liar.  Hariri friend, Faysal Salman said in his testimony in the court that Rafiq Hariri was opposed to the UNSC 1559.  Walid Jumblat said something similar: that Hariri was opposed to 1559. Media adviser to Hariri, Hani Hammud, yesterday, said that Hariri never really expressed views, positively or negatively about the UNSC 1559.  That was a blatant lie under oath but the defense team is deep asleep to contradict him.  Hariri vocally and repeatedly said that he was opposed to 1559 and that he favors Ta'if instead.

PS Abdul was the only one who told the truth on the matter above.

Hizbullah casualties in Qalamun: Syrian rebel media cook the numbers

This Lebanese reporter is pro-March 14 and pro-Syrian "revolution". But he shows how the list of Hizbullah casualties which was sent by Syrian rebel propaganda offices to all Arab and Western journalists contain names of Hizbullah dead people from many years ago.  But then again: who cares. Certainly not Liz Sly and other Western correspondents in Beirut who dutifully reproduce the propaganda claims of Syrian rebels.

US military training of foreign armies

The US military trained the Iraqi army for many years, it also trained the Afghan army for many years.  Yet, we have seen the results. At one point will people say: the US military is really ill-equipped to train foreign armies.  Hell, Iranian training of militias seem (according to the Iraqi people themselves) is far superior to US military training of the Iraqi army.