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Hamas versus Israel in the New York Times

When Misha'al agreed to a truce, the Times distorted his words twice to say he rejected the truce.  Yesterday Israel rejected an American ceasefire plan and the Times managed to come up with this headline: "Israel agrees to a pause in assault on Gaza". Just to avoid saying "Israel rejected the ceasefire". 

Hamas targets

Today, for example, Arabic media reported that Qassam announced targeting a nuclear weapon site outside of Tel Aviv. Tomorrow, all US media will ignore the announcement and will say that Hamas announced targeting "Israeli population centers".

"Well-known Italian philosopher:'I’d like to shoot those bastard Zionists'"

" Italy’s most famous philosopher would like to personally kill Israelis and thinks Europeans should raise money “to buy Hamas some more rockets,” he recently said on the radio." (thanks Evelyn)


Sorry. Pressures of the moment.  There is a typo in every sentence today. But I don't have editors. It is a one (angry) person operation, damn it.

Where did Jewish terrorist groups in Palestine hide their weapons?

""However, Israel is not coming to the discussion with clean hands. Its prestate undergrounds - Hashomer, Haganah, Etzel (the Irgun ) and Lehi (the Stern Gang ) - which operated against the British government and the Arabs in Palestine, used similar tactics, as shown in a new book by Rephael Kitron, "Eretz Yisrael Hanisteret: Sippuram Shel Ha'slikim Ve'toldotehem" ("The Hidden Land of Israel: The Story and History of the Secret Weapons Caches" )."
"The point of departure for those in the Jewish Yishuv who hatched the idea of building weapons caches in places such as synagogues, women's rooms, children's houses," explains Kitron, "was that British officers and troops were gentlemen who wouldn't dare to search in such places."" (thanks AK)

This is from an Israeli newspaper

"7/25/14, 10:26 AM
IDF artillery shell reportedly hits hospital in Beit Hanoun. Personnel, civilians and volunteers trapped inside"  Now if this story were to appear in the Times, it would have been surrounded with qualifications and justifications as in: "We are not sure where the shell came from. The Israeli army is investigating. Hamas wants to destroy Israel.  Israel always warns civilians. Hamas hides behind women and children, etc.

The Israeli enemy and the media war

My weekly article for Al-Akhbar: "The [Israeli] Enemy and the Media War: Our Tipping of the Balance".

Brief history of Palestinian resistance

They did nothing and they ignored them.  They resorted to armed struggle and then they called them terrorists.  They throw rocks at Israelis and they called told them that they should stick to civil disobedience and just bang pots and pans.  Then (some) resorted to suicide bombings and then they told them: see, you are losing support.  They were told that armed struggle is when they only attack soldiers.  And then they sat quietly.   And then they resisted Israeli war crimes and were told that Israeli soldiers' families are really sad and upset and that they should not operate from "population centers" and that they should move to a field in Belgium if they really want to attack Israeli soldiers.

It is official: protesting against Israel is considered anti-Semitic

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What is Chris Gunness, the spokesperson of UNRWA, doing in Tel Aviv?

I just learned from a Western media source that Chris Gunness, the UNRWA spokesperson in Gaza whose tweets have been helpful to the war on Gaza, is in Tel Aviv? I want to know what does the UNRWA spokesperson have to do in Tel Aviv? There are no Palestinian refugee camps in Tel Aviv that we know of.

the Palestinian people

From a comrade: "Asad, it is probably not a winning argument to compare with Syria, but did you notice that although the situation of Palestinians is by far more desperate than that of the Syrian opposition that had the support of the entire world and weapons flowing from all sides and somewhere to go, you dont hear this sense of resignation and defeatism in Gaza such as the annoying opposition slogan يا الله ما النا غيرك يا الله"

"Would U.N. aid convoy enter Gaza without Israeli consent"

The United Nations sent its first humanitarian aid convoy into rebel-held areas of Syria without government consent" "even though Syria has warned it deems such deliveries incursions into its territory." (headline and post from a reader)

Destruction and killing of Gaza: US-funded

"It can be safely assumed, says a US expert on aid to Israel, that all units of the Israel Defense Forces benefit from US assistance—and this obviously includes those units fighting in Gaza. So to a certain degree, the destruction in Gaza does have a made-in-the-USA stamp."

Canadian Zionism

"Four hundred and eighty academics, lawyers, community activists and others criticized Canada's government for taking a decisively pro-Israel position amid the current conflict in the Gaza Strip, saying it "discredits Canada." " (thanks Amir)

"The Gaza massacre is the price of a “Jewish state”"

"A decade later, we can say with certainty that Israel is not a “normal” society. It is clear that in order to “kill and kill and kill,” Israeli society has had to dehumanize Palestinians to an unprecedented extent.

This is perhaps what explains the pervasive cry of “death to the Arabs,” the relentless incitement by politicians and public figures, and the intolerance for any dissent from the crushing consensus in favor of the Gaza slaughter. There is a level of dehumanization that allows lawmaker Ayelet Shaked, a rising star, to call for the slaughter of mothers in Gaza because they give birth to “little snakes” and face no negative repercussions."

Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre

"Tel Aviv University is giving students who serve in the attack on Gaza one year of free tuition."

Chris Gunness, UNRWA spokesperson

From a comrade who works in an NGO in the Middle East:
"On the record quote in the name of Chris Gunness, UNRWA Spokesperson:

At 1400 today an UNRWA team which included an international weapons expert went to the school at Beit Hanoun which came under attack yesterday causing multiple deaths and injury. The aim of the visit to the site was to survey the scene in the aftermath of the incident. The Israeli army had been notified in advance about the composition of the team, the time and purpose of the visit.  The mission had to be cut short and the team was forced to leave the area after gunfire around the school. UNRWA regrets not being able complete even this initial assessment. We will attempt to visit the site when the situation allows. We again underline our call for an immediate and comprehensive investigation.


so how responsible is it for this Chris Guinness book to report yesterday that the attack may have been from a stray Hamas rocket before investigating"

Israeli lies don't cohere

From comrade Kieran: "You may well have pointed this out previously and I missed it, but how is it that Israel maintains its citizens are under constant deadly attack by Hamas missiles AND that Ben-Gurion airport is safe for tourists?

How do you know when the Israeli ruling-class is lying? When they are moving their lips."

Little baby Shaima. Her mother died in an airstrike. Drs saved the baby from her womb

Embedded image permalink No peace, no negotiation, and no recognition of the Israeli occupying apartheid state.

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda

"In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences."

Correction: 3000 tons of Israeli bombs in two weeks of war

According to Israeli sources, Israel dropped some 3 tons of bombs on Gaza in the first two weeks of war.
It is 3000 tons not 3 tons. 

NY Times reports source of UNRWA school attack is unclear even though Israel said they did it

"Oddly enough however the Israeli military had already taken responsibility for the attack:"

"Birmingham woman stages powerful vigil in city to highlight plight of victims of Gaza conflict"


It has to be mentioned: Mondoweiss website has been doing an outstanding job in covering the Arab-Israeli conflict especially form the standpoint of the American scene. 

Look at this interesting factor: support for Israel increases by age in the US (older Americans more supportive of Israel)


This is not from the Onion

"An owl who was hit in the head by shrapnel near border between Israel and Gaza is recovering after it was rescued by a passing vet.
The bird was x-rayed and found to have metal fragments in its head as well as injuries to its right eye and beak.
It is now being treated and vets hope it will no lose sight in its injured eye." (thanks Nick)

Nasrallah's speech

Was a disappointment for those expecting a strong stance in support of Gaza by any criteria, including if judged rhetorically.  He clearly avoided a mention of Hamas (although it was mentioned in passing) and the conflict between the two sides seems deep.

and now for a sinister comment on the Israeli war by Daniel Barenboim

From David: "His platitudes are unbelievable:

"This is not a political conflict..."

"...the essence of the conflict remains unknown and unexplored."

"After decades of devastation and loss on both sides..."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

unfavorable perceptions of Israel around the world

"A 2013 Pew poll found vastly more unfavorable feelings toward Israel outside than within the United States, which registered a 27 percent unfavorable view of Israel and a 57 percent favorable view. In contrast, 44 percent of people in Britain had an unfavorable view of Israel. Unfavorable views of Israel were held by 62 percent in Germany, 65 percent in France, 66 percent in China and in the 80 percent to 90 percent range in Arab and Muslim countries."  But stop. Aaron David Miller has a brilliant insight as to what that is the case: "because Americans perceive Israelis “more or less the way they perceive themselves, as a democratic entity,” said Aaron David Miller".  And Germany, UK, France, and Finland, etc are not democratic? 

Gaza from space

 Image from @Astro_Alex
​‘Saddest photo yet’: Astronaut photographs Gaza offensive from space" (thanks Amir)

Infographic: Who violates ceasefires more, Israelis or Palestinians?

Western media claims about Hamas and its rockets

From a comrade who works for an international NGO in the Middle East (she/he does not want to be cited):  "But Asad, I want to assume that bombing a house full of civilians is ok if the house is storing rockets, but who is checking that? If these fucking journalists don't want to question the legality and morality of these attacks, shouldn't they at least verify that the claims about the rockets are true?
Then, the claim that Hamas is firing rockets from near homes, where should they fire from? Build a barrack and give its coordinates to Chris Guinness to give to the Israelis? Or from the many football fields that they have there?
And did Anne Barnard who affirmatively concluded that Hamas is operating in civilian areas ever mentioned that about her beloved Syrian opposition groups?"

He just lost his mother, two of his brothers, his sister, and his mother-in-law

The massacre of Bayt Hanun

Providing context in the Times: Anne Barnard from Gaza

I have seen this routine before. When the facts on the ground speak against Israel and its image in the world, the Zionists panic and they start exerting pressures on mainstream US papers. They did that in 1982 and they did that in every episode of Israeli wars and massacres. They then succeed in extracting promises from the editors to print more "context" and "background" stories in order to drown the stories about the reality of war crimes and massacres.  Anne Barnard has been writing such "context" stories for the last two days.  When Barnard reported the reality in Gaza she did a fine job but now she is writing the context stories, i.e. propaganda to serve Israeli military interests.  I posed this question to Barnard on Twitter today: have you ever reported from Syria about how Syrian rebels operate from schools and home and houses of worship?  And was the use of civilian sites by Syrian rebels EVER used in US media as a way to justify bombings of those sites by the Syrian regime? We know the answer, of course.  Here Ms. Barnard makes a great discovery: "But it is indisputable that Gaza militants operate in civilian areas".   Really, Ms. Barnard? Where do you want them to operate? On the moon? Hamas fighters are just like Hizbullah fighters: they are the people of the area under occupation who volunteered to resist occupation.  Where would they operate from? Should they all gather say in a stadium and invite Israel to bomb them? And where did the French resistance or Algerian resistance operate from? Another planet?  But here, Ms. Barnard makes an analogy: "Some of Hamas’s tactics mirror those of other insurgent groups, like the Irish Republican Army and Nicaraguan contras."  It is interesting that she did not draw a comparison with the glorified Syrian rebels. 

Do you honestly think that Isarel will still exist a century from now?

To all those who study Middle East history or world politics, just ask yourselves: how many of you do honestly think that Israel will still be in existence a century from today?

casualty breakdown in the New York Times

"16 days of fighting that has killed nearly 700 Palestinians, 32 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians".  Notice there is no breakdown for civilians versus military among the casualties of the Palestinians.

As I predicted yesterday: Yet again, New York Times distorts the words of Khalid Mish`al

"“Everyone wanted us to accept a cease-fire and then negotiate for our rights,” Mr. Meshal said at a news conference in Qatar, his home in exile, taking aim at the very approach Mr. Kerry has sought to nurture. “We reject this, and we reject it again today.”"   Even some Israeli newspapers reported that Mish`al actually said "Hamas prepared to sign ceasefire agreement – on the condition that Israel's siege of Gaza is rescinded".

No wonder Americans are so ignorant of the Middle East

Look who will be teaching Middle East studies.  I won't be surprised if Abe Foxman directs the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

The UNRWA spokesperson and the story about Hamas boming the school

From a source: Basically, "the UNRWA spokesperson reported it from an Israeli news channel and now the Israelis are using him as the source. "

Such Terror: Hamas rocket hits tree, cat runs off no problem.

Watch. (thanks Laure)

Che Guevara in Gaza

nothing scares the Israeli enemy more than the truth

"Israel Has a New Worst Enemy — Twitter".

More lies of Israel exposed

"Jeremy Bowen's Gaza notebook: I saw no evidence of Hamas using Palestinians as human shields"

Look at the headline in this disgusting Israeli paper: "at least 15 die in explosion at UN school". Explosion? by whom?

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